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can autonomize your vehicle
in minutes...


IVO -  an universal robotic driver platform that is mounted to the driver's seat, harnessed to the steering wheel, pedals and gear (automatic) and transforms any vehicle into an autonomous vehicle within minutes.

IVO is perfect for driving in low-speeds closed  environments such as  airports,  agriculture,  factories,  mines among many others - collectively presenting a huge market opportunity for our solution. 

There is no need to replace the current fleet of vehicles, simply incorporate our solution, saving companies billions.

We have patent granted in the USA, China & Europe.

What is IVO?

IVO close3_edited.jpg
What is IVO
Camping in Mountains

The upcoming
IVO Beta prototype

  • Enhanced TO and AI Capabilities

  • New and Advanced Design

  • Easier / faster to assemble / disassemble

  • Low weight

  • IP66+

  • ...

Upcoming Beta

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This project has received funding from the EU H2020 Phase 1 SME Instrument programme

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